Registering a Group for a Region Course/Event

Create a User Account

If you have not already created a user account for ScoutEvent, please follow the steps below. If you already have a user account, please skip to Register for an Event

1. Go to the relevant ScoutEvent website and select the Register link in the top right hand corner.

2. You'll be taken to the "Create New Account" Page. Please enter the required details, followed by the Register button.

3. Check your inbox for your account activation link, then select Activate Account button.

4. You'll end up back at the Login page for ScoutEvent.

Login to ScoutEvent

1. Please enter the email and password you used to create your account, then select Log In.

Register for an Event

1. Click on the event title you wish to register to attend.

2. The information relating to the event will appear on this page. Read over relevant information, and when ready, click the Register Now button.

3. You will be taken to the first stage of Registration - Applicants. Add relevant applicants, ensuring to complete the relevant fields. Use the Save & New button to add another applicant after saving.

If E-Permissions are used, you must enter the parent email address for applicants under 18 years of age.

You can add applicants over a few days. For example, you may wish to add 5 Scout members on Monday, then come back to add another 2 Scouts and 2 Leaders. If you haven't submitted the registration, yet have begun adding applicants, when returning to ScoutEvent and selecting the relevant event, you will see Edit Saved Registration.

4. Once you have completed adding the applicants to the event, select Save & Next.

5. You will now be on the Registration page. If enabled, the event will allow the registering Leader to set their own Emergency Contact, Method of Transport, Group Costs, as well as any comments to applicant. The event organiser for this demo event, has also requested a custom field be complete, labelled ETA (highlighted in yellow).

If you set any fields on this page, ensure MUST click Save at the top of the form before clicking Next.

6. You will now be able to Review & Submit your application. Please ensure the details are correct, any comment to payment/event administrators are saved (if required), and that your details are up to date. Once this is confirmed, select the Submit Now option.

7. A Confirm Submission page will appear. Please read the details on this page.

Upon confirming, this will email the applicant email/parent email address the E-Permission form.

8. A confirmation will appear, showing the Status for epermission emails, as well

9. A summary/Invoice will be sent to the registering Leader, whilst the parents/applicants will receive an E-Permission Form.

E-Permissions Form Email

Completing the E-Permission Form

Click here for instructions to share with Parents on how to complete the E-Permission form (note the wizard guides users through the process). 

Reviewing E-Permission Status

The registering Leader may wish to review which parents/applicants have completed the E-Permission form. They can do so by completing the following:

1. Login to ScoutEvent with the details created when registering.

2. Select the My Registrations button in the top right corner.

3. Click Open next to the relevant event.

4. Click the E-Permissions button.

5. You will see the status of each E-Permission form, as well as an option to download all E-Permission forms (blue button), individual E-Permission forms, and also Edit the email for the parent/applicant.

If you choose to Edit a parent/applicant email, you will need to click Resent Email for the new email to receive the E-Permission email at the new address. If the email bounces, ensure the email is correct with the parent/applicant.