Completing the E-Permission Form

1. Open the email sent to the applicant by ScoutEvent. The email contains a unique link, and unique passcode for each applicant to complete the E-Permission form.

2. Copy the Login Passcode, then click the My E-Permission Form. You will be taken to a page, prompting for the Login Passcode supplied in the email. Paste/Enter the passcode in the field, then select Log In.

3. A summary of the event is shown to the parent/applicant. This information should be reviewed by the parent/applicant. Click Next when ready to proceed.

4. Enter the relevant Personal Details for the applicant (this is very similar to the traditional E1 printed form). When complete, select Save & Next.

5. Enter the Emergency Contact information for the applicant, then select Save & Next.

6. Complete the Medical & Dietary information for the applicant, then click Save & Next.

This information is critical. Dietary requirements must also be specified if the applicant is being catered for by either a Group or Region team.
If these details are skipped, special dietary food may not be prepared for the applicant.

7. Complete the Activity Permissions - these items will only show if the activity contains (or may contain) aspects relating to the relevant areas. EG: Flying may not appear unless there is a flying activity at the event. Click Save & Next when complete.

8. Complete the Consent page, by agreeing to the terms, signing digitally (this doesn't need to be perfect) and complete the name, followed by clicking Save Form & Finalise.

9. A completed form will be emailed to the parent/applicant, and the option to download the completed form will be available on the final page.